Dahon Briza D8 with TSDZ2 mid drive (no longer for sale)


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I hate to post this bike for sale but my wife realistically won't be able to ride it again due to orthopedic issues.
$1,200, 36v battery not included.

The Briza bike alone is listed at $1,150 on the Dahon site, more from some sellers. The Tongsheng kit was $415. This was not a straightforward installation and I doubt that you could find another mid drive Briza for sale. The 36v 15ah battery isn't included but unless one has very long distances to ride a smaller capacity battery would be lighter and probably better for this application.

It has only a couple hundred miles on the motor (if that). Assist is quiet, strong and natural with torque sensing. Comes with a throttle and motor inhibitor brake levers (not needed by my wife so not installed). Kickstand had to be removed for the motor installation. Bike still retains folding function.
If it doesn't sell quickly I'll remove the motor to use on another bike, probably within the next week, or sooner.
Cash only, local pickup.


Location is SW Washington east of Portland/Vancouver.


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i wish you were closer
It's a nice little bike. I don't have high hopes for selling it quickly so the motor will probably go on my old Cadillac cruiser bike with a Nuvinci CVT hub within the next day or two, depending on weather (I work in my driveway). I've already started on the Cadillac. Had to put a torch on the Cadillac's bottom bracket to get the drive side bearing cup out but it is just about ready for the transplant. I'll probably just return the Briza to stock form and sell it on CL eventually.

the motor is off this bike and now being used on another bike, glad it didn't sell
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