Dahon Formula S18 from nycewheels for 3K + shipping


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I'm about to purchase this ebike over the weekend. I just wanted some opinions about this choice as I know nothing about electric bikes really.

Why I'm going with this one;

  1. Small bike that I can ride in and around campus, on side walks without making people upset, around the neighborhood, folds easily and goes into the back of a car.
  2. Not many good selections with my local dealers.
  3. This bike comes assembled to my door ( which means I don't have to find a bike shop that would assemble an ebike for me ) from nycewheels. ( Do they have a good reputation? )
  4. I have heard that Bionx motors are pretty silent which would come in handy for those campus and side walk rides.
  5. I would be getting the tire upgrade to big apple tires. ( $78 upgrade ) I have a feeling that I would appreciate the wider tires.
  6. I feel much more in control on a smaller bike and frame than a larger or regular sized bike.

The review for this bike on this website was the shortest review compared to others ( I wonder what happened? )

This ebike did seem to come out in 2013? With more and more ebikes come out every month, I wonder if I'm paying a premium for an older technology system but what other silent motor ebikes are out there that can be conveniently shipped to me assembled? Thank you for reading.