Damn i like this thing!


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I can't stop riding it! And I can't stop going in the grass and down every trail I see. I haven't ridden my wonderful Catrike Expedition with Falco setup (very nice) since I got the Xduro. And the Stromer once. I can't get past how much fun it is to go bopping across fields instead of staying on the paved paths. And how smart! I was mostly offroad tonight (easy stuff) and range was down to 14 miles. I decided to try to run it down more and took a long way home but mostly street at max speed and Power setting. 3.4 miles later when I stopped the range was up t0 20 miles. :)
I haven't ridden an upright (wedgie) in 15 years. Been on recumbents and a Rans crank forward. Both for my hands (carpal tunnel) and butt (56 y/0 and 225lbs). I bought the Hai knowing it was a long shot that I'd be able to ride it as much as the cost justified, but its SO damn pretty (and I got a great deal) that I gave it a shot and danged if the suspension doesn't let me get a lot further than I could before. The seat is pretty nice and my butt is adjusting with each ride. I have padded shorts en route as well. LOL
I'm still gonna get some street tires but I dont' think I'm gonna be able to keep this on a paved trail very long. ;)

I have SPD clipless on my trike, but don't really like to be clipped in on an upright. Do Powerstraps or similar work with the stock pedals?