Damn Shame About Faraday

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Yes, I saw that post yesterday. I could not find where the owners were complaining in the specific thread you linked, but I did see the two complaints on their homepage. I will be interested to see if my experience is the same. I was disappointed about their reduced discount, but they emailed me a coupon code to take $525 back off the price (the difference in reduction), making it a cheaper option than anything I could find locally.

I am really taking my chances! Hopefully things will work out, and I won't regret it. I have a positive attitude about it, no matter what. Hopefully it will last long enough to get me to the next evolution of ebikes, so that if anything goes wrong, I can take it someplace in Brooklyn, and have them trick it out with a whole new electrical setup (if needed).

Congrats on the retroactive discount. $525 should be enough to pay for a restaurant tab in Brooklyn. :)


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You can most likely get the battery rebuit at FTH Power for a great price and if worse comes to worse can switch out the motor and controller for a better one. The integrated battery is the best piece of the design
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I agree, that’s why I purchased this bike! And thank you for the recommendation. I will look up that business now just to see them and remember it. Finally, I’m sure there are plenty of great ebike mechanics in the city who will do any future overhauls properly. My options are much better here than if I’d bought this bike in Montana lol