Danger Warning


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Dear Fellow Addmotor owners,

I just joined this forum. My intention is NOT to be a "Debbie Downer". I just, in good conscience can not fail to inform you that a serious, dangerous situation is happening with Addmotor bikes. Addmotor bikes are literally breaking in half while being ridden. They are breaking at the weld joints without warning. It began early last summer when an owner was riding at 20 MPH on paved asphalt and his Addmotor bike broke in half sending him to hospital emergency. He was badly injured, and months later he remains badly injured. Just a few weeks ago another rider was injured when again, his Addmotor bike broke in half under him. It broke at the same weld joints. He too was riding on paved asphalt. Through all this Addmotor has been trying to cover up what is happening. They have blocked Addmotor owners from communicating with each other on the Addmotor Owners Group Facebook page, they have deleted any photos and warnings about these bikes breaking. So, we owners started our own Facebook group. There are other testimonials about this I could post, but I think photos will serve you better. These photos are of two bikes, the same model M150-P7. I personally own an M150-P7. After being advised by Addmotor's own attorneys to stop riding the bike, I stopped months ago. Be safe!