Das-kit X15R (MXUS?) faceplate screws size?


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United Kingdom

I bought an NCM Prague a couple of years back, and I’ve really loved the thing, but if I’m honest this motor has been a pain in the backside.

While it’s been performed like a trooper, I’ve always had an issue with a little sideways play, I though I had solved it by tightening the lock nut, then a spacer, then extra grease, but all of these solutions just worked for a few weeks and then relapsed.

Today I finally thought I’d solved it by putting a very thin washer on the INSIDE of the hub casing, rotor side. This appeared to work, and I took it out for a test ride.… only to find that all of the faceplate screws have now gone 🤦‍♂️ (I did notice they were harder to tighten than normal, I guess the new washer was just too much for it and caused compression?

Anyway…. The upshot is, I need a new set of screws and I don’t have even one to take to the shop!

is there anyone familiar with this motor who knows the actual size and thread of these screws? although at this point I’m actually considering binning the lot and putting a TSDZ2 on it.


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Most hub motor cover screws are 4 mm x 10 mm long. Flat head usually, hex socket. If you put a washer inside the cover you might want 12 mm screws. I buy stainless ones from mcmaster.com for $6-8 for fifty but in the UK you're on you're own.