DASH (2014) Back wheel removal & Mechanical brake pad adjustment VIDEO

Shea N Encinitas

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Had to access the inbound brake pad adjuster today, and have not yet built the tool shown in THIS thread,.. so I decided to record, one take, no script, minimal post production,.. the awkward event for ya all.

DISCLAIMER - This video is not meant to replace your mechanic or the user manuals, etc. So be safe, when in doubt, drop it at the shop.

I'll make a few mistakes, and the audio is not the best, but if you pick up a tip or two, great!

I added a dynamic wheel balance clip at the end, next time I change that tube at home I will try to remember to run the same test the to see how the rim and motor run without the tube or tire. Would be nice to eliminate the unbalance as much as possible,.. little lead weights? Gummi bears?

BTW - I removed the logo badge from the front, was curling off the head tube anyway. Also investigated the brake circuit and magnet configuration for my upcoming Dash Brake Upgrade thread. C-ya soon, -S