Dash E3 2nd battery charger, kinda a review


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For a couple reasons decided to stage a 2nd charger at work, but have been put off by my (perhaps incorrect) idea that the stock charger was $130 and then the hassle of making/picking up the special order, I'm so spoiled by Amazon. So I went to Amazon and ordered this. There is information about making sure you get the correct charger for you battery chemistry-

ElectricRider can make adjustments necessary to set the charge voltage to your LiMn2O4, LiFePO4, or other lithium type battery. For a slightly different voltage, please call, email, or include the requested voltage in the special instructions section on our shopping cart. This charger will be set to 58.4V (LiFePO4) unless another specific voltage is requested.

So I sent off a picture of the output spec label on my stock charger and like lighting a new charger appeared for $75 all in, works great. The charger I received was adjusted down to 54.6 volts to suit my battery.
Very good/fast communication with the seller.
There has been some interest in faster charging and if I wanted that, which I do not, I would talk to this guy. He certainly seems to know what he is doing.


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Sounds good; at first glance it appears to be safe and effective, I hope it turns out that way for you.

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