Dash getting center drive?


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One reseller I got in touch with here in the Bay Area told me that he didn't have any Dash on display because "The Dash will be changed to center drive in a few months".
Has anybody heard about that? Anybody able to try a beta version?



The E3 Protour looks great EXCEPT for battery size - estimated only 16 to 30 something miles.
417Wh -- same as the previous Dash Models. A mid-drive might coax more out of the battery. Agree though that it would have been nice to see something bigger like the other in-frame batteries from specialized (up to 691Wh) or stromer st-2 (914Wh) or st-2 s(983Wh)


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New Dash gets 5 more pounds (but more equipment). However 350W on the new one vs 500W today. Concern?


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New Dash gets 5 more pounds (but more equipment). However 350W on the new one vs 500W today. Concern?

The center Drive will have far more torque (I think Tranz-x claims 70nm of torque compared to 40nm of the 500 hub). So it will be better on hills. Couple things to note, the dash loses throttle mode with this battery (Which I love), along with Cruise Control. Also it's upgraded to hydraulic brakes.

More here - http://overvolted.com/the-2016-izip-e3-dash/


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This is a good news for new buyers.

It would have been nice if I had bought a Peak instead of my 2015 Dash. Or, it would have been nice I could have bought a Dash with the center drive, which of course was not available at the time. My Dash is fine for my commute, but its use is limited for me due to its not-so-strong torque. My 2015 Dash is not powerful enough for the hills around my area. I didn't know much about ebikes and was not able to test it with big hills when I bought it. I just made the sort-of wrong decision after discussing qualitatively with a dealer over the phone.

The better part of my Dash compared to the new Dash with the center drive may be that it still has a normal bottom bracket and probably can be retrofited with a kit like Bafang at some point when it is out of warranty and its substantial parts need to be replaced (e.g. motor and/or battery). I hope a conversion kit like Bafang with a robust torque sensor will be on the market in the future. Or, e-Rad kit already looks very good with the gear change sensor.
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