Dash handlebars raised

Charly Banana

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When I first rode the IZIP Dash, I knew I would be more comfortable if the handlebars were slightly higher and closer. However, my first look at the cables made it seem like a difficult task without replacing some cables.

Fortunately, with a little cable rearrangement I was able to raise the handlebars about 2 1/2" and bring them about 2" closer. I upgraded my stem to a XLC Comp 60 degree rise adjustable stem. It's amazing how a couple of inches can make a real difference in comfort for an old fart like myself.

Dash Handlebars 1.jpg Dash Handlebars 002.jpg Dash Handlebars 003.jpg

Charly Banana

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I bought my adjustable stem off ebay for about $21.

If you get this stem, you will need to add a 2 to 4mm of 1 1/8" spacer. This stem is about 3mm shorter than our oem stem.

Charly Banana

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I'm no expert on bicycle parts, but I took apart the adjustable part to see how it worked and it looks strong to me.
  • XLC vs OEM
  • Matte finish vs Shiny black
  • Silver painted screws vs Chrome or SS
  • Here's their website. Take a look.
The model I bought was the 110mm, 1 1/8", 31.8mm


I too wanted my handlebars to be closer and higher. My dealer, whom I purchased my bike from, suggested an adjustable riser as the ones mentioned above. He installed it right on the spot for me and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted an off-road looking bike with a cruiser feel, and I got it with this fix (plus with a more cushy cruiser seat and a suspension seat post). I couldn’t tell you what the brand name of the extension stem is, but any bicycle dealer should be informed on what to recommend.

Shea N Encinitas

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Nice kitty!,.. I noticed that and your front fender, any advice on fenders, or is that already in another thread?

Also noticed you have the original style junction box, and no cable wraps. -S