Dash rim splitting @4K miles.

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While swapping tires & giving my Dash a good sponge bath I noticed several cracks right at the nipple, maybe a 3rd of them have started to go. The replacement hoop is only $30, but I'd rather put a higher quality rim back there. Guess I'll stop by the shop and at least get the spoke kit ordered. To clarify most of the cracks are hairline with a couple displaced by a few thousandths of an inch. If someone happens to know of a good replacement please link. I first looked for a DT-Swiss rim (e-bikes specific), but I think they might be too expensive, probably wanna spend max $130 for just the hoop. BTW - If you have more than 2K on your Dash you probably wanna inspect for same. I suspect a good portion of owners will never have an issue, being more gentle and less frequent riders. -S

EDIT: Thought I'd log a few search results here, 29 X 36 holes MTB rims:

DT Swiss 536 clincher rim - $31 - cheaper than I thought.
MAVIC XM 319 DISC RIM 29" - $50
Mavic TN719 29er MTB Disc Rim - $41
DT-Swiss TK 540 29"/700c Rims - $77
Stans NOTUBES ZTR Flow EX 29" - 36 Hole Black - $71
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Look at velocity rims. I've got aeroheat's (same profile as dyad, but for 26in wheels) on a quad and the things are bulletproof. Most of their rims are v section, which makes them a touch more aero, stiff, look pretty nice, and don't have/need eyelets. A lot of them come in disc-specific models (no flat area for rim brakes). Should run $70-100


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Yeah those look nice, especially the thickness where the spoke holes are. Since I will likely end up building the wheel myself I may have to go with a spoke kit and a shorter profile to fit OEM spoke lengths (or cut and thread them myself?). I'll give the shop a chance to chime in after lunch, maybe get a quote from some local wheelsmiths, but I reckon most will snub my motor hub.

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I was estimating but then looked at my exact milage after a trip to the bike shop and back through the ranch (she is de-throttled in this pic):