Daymak Arsenal E-Bike Review

Ann M.

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Full size folding bike with a frame mounted battery and comfy front and rear suspension. Frame design with a single top bar is similar to the Montague folding bike to help trim weight and priced affordably just below $1800.

The Daymak Arsenal is a full-sized, full suspension folding electric bike with a near-complete set of value components (disc brakes, 21 speeds, kickstand etc.). The single-tube frame design is elegant and conceals as well as protects the battery but requires reinforcement that adds weight. While the Arsenal does offer front and rear suspension, it's more basic (especially the rear) and is more suited to bumpy roads or hard packed trails than rigorous mountain paths, especially since the frame is a folding design. Okay warranty, shipping costs extra ($200 for CA and $400 for the US), only one frame size in a sort of "medium" 18.5 inch design.