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I'm from alberta. My son recently bought a rogue from ebike universe. The price was cheaper than I expected. So we were ripping it around and I ended up having to get one for myself. I originally chose to order mine with lead acid batteries but when the bike failed to show on the expected delivery date the guys worked with me and i ended up buying a lithium eagle from the floor ( thanks guys) and that was ultimately the best choice. I drive a truck but since getting this ebike it has been perfect. The rear suspension is a bit stiff because it's not the deluxe and the lithium battery weighs a fraction of what lead acid does. I've put about 600km on my eagle and my son has over 1000km. so far and have already saved much in gas cost to drive my truck. Is it able to drive in the rain?? Yes. We went out for a cruise after the worst hail storm in our history. The heavy rain had no effect on either bike. The puddles we drove through were 8 inches deep everywhere. Can the rogue and eagle play in the mud?? He he... absolutely. The Rogue has issues with wet grass but the eagle doesnt. The eagle lithium set in offroad mode is a beast and digs through any mud on any trail on any grade except 45 degree. The lead acid battery on my sons rogue doesnt even compare to the lithium. Both bikes have 500w motors and 84v speed controllers. The eagle lithium is a 72 volt and the range is double that of the rogue. It routinely gets between 35 and 40k in turbo mode on a single charge. Eco mode while I'm sure is effective after feeling the kick from off road mode, eco just isnt very fun. Nether bike has been hacked and using GPS that is trusted on our phones, I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of performance our bikes have. While the speedo in either is not accurate the gps is and that's that. My lights are very bright and led, however the rogue missed the mark slightly because its lights are not led. They are 35w halogen and drain the battery unnecessarily. We hope to fix this but that it for draw backs. Both bikes are awsome. Having both lead acid and lithium to compare.... go with lithium! Both bikes work well. The best for me is that these bikes are capable in the rain. Though I dont recomend ever using a pressure washer on them. The compartments are not sealed and if you force water into the bike the connectors used are not sealed automotive connections, they will corrode over time. I love the concept of these bikes and am glad to save a bit of money. Here comes more hail... peace


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