Daymak Florence ETrike

Ann M.

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A new tricycle from Canadian trike manufacturer, Daymak. A practical, easy to use 3 wheel transportation with lithium battery power and a 500 watt front hub motor. Check it out!

The Daymak Florence is a stable, three-wheeled electric bike (trike) with front and rear cargo baskets for hauling supplies or groceries. Full length matching fenders look great and keep you dry, the basic headlight and large reflectors keep you safe. Capable 500 watt geared hub motor in the front wheel, 48 volt 12 amp hour battery delivers power and decent range. Rear drum brakes are kind of basic, limited 6 month warranty on the battery, fairly heavy (like most electric tricycles)


I've seen a more recent release by Daymak called the Florence Fat Tire. It looks similar to the Addmotor trikes but with a 20" front wheel as opposed to 24" and frame is a bit different than the M-350 too.
Anyone have experience with one of these trikes? I live in Canada which makes this bike a bit more appealing to me (although it's looking like I'm going to be purchasing something from the U.S.).


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