Daymak Headquarters and Ebike Universe Tour with Founder Aldo Baiocchi in Toronto Canada

Ann M.

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Cool interview and lots of fun electric 4 wheel ATV's and dirt bikes! as well as 2 wheel electric bikes. Check out the 2 wheel drive ebike with dual battery packs and did he say a 1000 watt pocket bike?

Daymak is a leader in the light electric vehicle space and many of their electric bikes, scooters and personal mobility devices use solar technology for trickle charging. The company founder Aldo Baiocchi gave me a tour of the headquarters building in Toronto and we looked at a bunch of their products up close. Daymake has an all wheel drive ebike, solar powered electric bikes, trikes, recumbents and more… lots of cool variety and unique designs that are meant to be affordable. Daymake even makes electric pocket bikes with 1,000 watt motors! I’ve reviewed the Beast and some of the other models on and Daymak was one of the first companies to make a wireless electric bike and was featured in Popular Science. Daymak likely has one of the largest electric bike warehouses with the most inventory in Canada at the time this video was shot.

Daymak started when Aldo was looking for an electric scooter in 2002 but struggled to find one so he imported some that were ultimately seized at the port. In 2007 a pilot program was introduced in Canada so ebikes could be ridden on the road and the space began to take off. Daymak stands for the first letter of the family that started the company :)

Some of my favorite products include the beast, carbon fiber electric bike ec1, the chameleon electric scooter, solar charging ebike wheel and the covered personal transporter. They have one dedicated store called ebike universe in Toronto which we also visited. I got to see the Daymak Beast Ultimate with MP3 player and nicer lights as well as an inverted suspension fork… very cool. Daymak also carries mobility scooters with nice rain covers and extra protection, fully featured with lots of accessories. The Ebike Universe store has been open since 2009

George S.

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Lot of square footage and a lot of inventory. Interesting that Daymak is feeding into big chains in Canada. Mr. Baiocchi mentioned doing some assembly in Toronto. I expect that to happen, eventually. Baiocchi talks about bikes for the masses, which is where a lot of bike brands fall really short. Sondors hits that note, the bike for everyone.

Daymak has used CF campaigns, but they have a massive retail presence and inventory. Sondors has no facilities, really. He just takes sacks of money to China and gets the bikes assembled with great results. Sondors launched the Thin with IGG at the party. Baiocchi says CF is OK, that it nets him useful information, but he didn't move that many of the EC-1, maybe fifty. Daymak is like low end retail and most of the US is high margin retail.

Great video. I have a lot of respect for Baiocchi. Wasn't really sure what he was trying to do, but he's very serious, obviously. He's clearly trying to back his product, as best he can, with all those parts.

Jack Tyler

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At one point in the tour Court comments that it feels like he's in that govt. warehouse where they boxed up and stored the Lost Ark. That was my impression, too. As George mentioned: LOTS of square footage and LOTS of inventory.