deciding between stride and mariner


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need a bike for occasional pleasure riding and a couple of times a month to take me 2-3 miles down a washboard dirt road at a decent clip

female, 200lbs
5 foot 7 inches

must be a folding bike
i am sticking with the smaller battery packs, basic models because of weight/putting it in the car trunk
and because at this point i will not need to go long distances

was pretty much decided on the mariner because it is the lightest but after more research thinking i may be more comfortable on a stride even though it weighs a little more

another question is can the pedal assist aftermarket option be ordered and put on the bike at the factory?
thinking that sounds like a good thing
or what better/easier thumb switches are available for these models if i do not do pedal assist

another thing about the pedal assist add on is i worry about how much weight it will add, does anyone know?

i am ordering through a dealer a couple of hours away so sure he can add stuff if needed, just wondered if prodeco would put the pedal assist on before shipping if ask to

my last question is does anyone know the folded dimensions of the 2015 stride

thanks for any input
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Weights and some dimensions can be found on Court's reviews of ProdecoTech bikes:

Your dealer would be the one to install the torque sensing PAS, unless they arrange to drop ship to you from the factory. If you are getting the bike direct from the factory you will need to take the bike to the dealer or install the torque sensor yourself.

Good luck!


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ok, thank you

the dealer will be ordering the bike and putting it together for me etc

will talk to him about the pedal assist, seems like a really good option to have