Decision help needed ASAP! JuiceBikes CrossCurrent vs 2015 Raleigh Takoa IE

Mike H.

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Guys, please offer you opinions ASAP -- This will be a commuter bike (about 12 miles RT) with definitely some trail riding in there as well - nothing heavy duty, but light trails.

CrossCurrent is hub driven, thumb throttle to 20mph, 10.4 ah batt, 700x45 tires which I plan to swap to MTB tires.
Takoa is mid-drive, 29"MTB tires, twist throttle (is this a hindrance?)

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Depending how far your commute is the Juiced Bike can be up graded to a 17.5 are 21 AH battery for extended range .
Although we are already getting up to 30 miles out of our 8.8 batteries on our Ocean Currents riding small rolling hills .