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Overall I want the bike to encourage me to use it. Performance, looks, functionality, price and value are the 5 main features that I’m considering.

I don't know about looks, but in terms of performance Grin Technologies (located in Vancouver, British Columbia) is one of the world's renown ebike tuner.

They have this motor called GMAC, in addition, they're well known for their Satiator charger, Phaserunner controller, Cycle Analyst display, etc.

GMAC is a beast, it has something like 110Nm of torque, re-gen braking, can handle 72V, and very compact for its performance.

There's an ebike company called HillEater (Salt Spring Island, British Columbia) and their bikes are powered by Grin Technologies.

The HillEater Galiano has 52V battery (72V option available) and powered by GMAC motor, Phaserunner controller, Cycle Analyst display, Sempu torque sensor, etc.


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I don’t think you can go far wrong with the Allant 7, it might not be the cheapest option but it has a good riding position (semi upright, less MTB, less weight on the hands), good battery and known brand components that are tried n tested and generally held as spares by many bike shops. I’d have bought one if not for the availability in my preferred frame size.

the Cube Kathmandu range should also be on your list, several battery sizes and spec levels so you can normally find a good option at various price points

Good luck with your search!
Thanks for the prompt reply. A couple of further questions. What model Allant is it? i.e. 7,8,9???? Also is it using Bosch's Performance LIne or the CX version?? I have been reading that the Performance Line is quieter than the newest CX version. Thoughts??? Also have looking at the Gazelle T10+. Do you know anything about the 118 year old Dutch bike company???? Thanks
You'll find only Allant 7s and 8s in Canada. The 9s are Class 3, I believe. (see Trek USA site) Canadian regulations only allow pedal assist up to 20 mph. The 9 would have been my Trek choice if it was available here.
You won't find a Gazelle T10+ either. (also Class 3) You'll find a T10 though. (Class 1)
I also think the trade off between the CX and the Performance Line is the torque they supply. I recall reading the Gen 4 CX can now get an update to get it to 85 nm torque.
The Allant 7, a Gazelle T10, a Cube Kathmandu 625 EXC and a couple of Moustaches, the Samedi 28.5 and a Samedi 27 Xroad 5 (French manufacturer) just happen to be on my shortlist. I have a Trek dealer about 2 miles from me and all the others are all from the same shop about 4 miles away. I will only buy local.
I am also in B.C. on the lower mainland. I assume you've been looking on the Cit-e-Cycles website? They have store in Victoria. They sell a bunch of brands. Good hunting! CN
Joe if you want to go up "Bear Mountain" (I assume you know where that is) you will need a mid drive or a hub with at least 25 amp controller and 48V battery.
I have a Sondors and as it wasn't strong enough to go up (8 km/h) my next Ebike will have a motor that can do it. I want a motor rated at 120nm minimum to handle going up at the full 32 km/hr we are allowed to go.
Actually even by throttle alone if I can.
Really? You want to go up Bear Mountain at 32 Km/h? That'll annoy a bunch of analog riders.
120 nm? I think Brose offers one, but it's likely on a Bulls eMTB. CN
7s and 8s as in plural Allants, not s for speed.
I suppose I should have said, 'you'll only find the Trek Allant 7 or Allant 8 in Canada. No 9 since it's Category 3"