decisions, decisions...buying my first ebike


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I am in the market for my first ebike. I have a bad back and am interested in an upright cruiser style bicycle. I want a bike that will excel at hill climbing and riding into the wind (I live at the beach where the wind is always blowing). I am also eager to extend the range of my bike rides. I want to continue to be actively pedaling so having a throttle is not a must. I have test ridden a few bikes at the shops. A couple models in particular caught my eye. First was the Townie Go with the Bosch mid drive system. This bike felt more like riding a regular bicycle compared to most ebikes I have tried (I am referring to the responsiveness of the pedal assist system). Another bike that was fun to ride was the Elux Tahoe. The Tahoe is a fat tire cruiser style bike. The model I tried had front suspension forks which gave it a pretty cushy ride. I liked the Tahoe but it is really heavy and might be a pain in my back to mount and lug around. What do you guys think? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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For hills, that is the trick. My 750w motor helps on hills but I still have to work a bit. Although the motor is 750, the manufacturer says to keep it under 500w on hills 15% or more so as not to burn out the motor. I also have back trouble and the e-bike has helped. I bought mine because it was a good price. I am saving to upgrade the motor someday.


Put a down payment on 2 Tahoe's. Step through for my wife and a Tahoe Sport for myself. I too am concerned about the weight. I am still considering a Juiced Rip Current S. Somewhat lighter than the Tahoe. The only thing I can recommend is to remove the battery and possibly the seat prior to lifting.


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The weight of an ebike is not a problem if you don't need to lift it. We have a rack with ramps. It does take two to get it up on the repair stand, for us, though my local bike tech and Pedego dealer can each pick it up and put it on the stand without assistance.

For putting it on a rack, we remove the battery (as instructed by the manufacturer) and also other accessories.


Pedego's are assembled just down the road from you in Fountain Valley. Stop by and check them out before you buy anything. It will be worth your time.