Derailleur Question


Please forgive my ignorance, but I am having a problem with my nine-speed microshift controlled derailleur on my E3 Dash. On my last two rides, the bike doesn't want to stay in ninth gear, and will shift to eighth on it's own while pedaling. It also sometimes doesn't shift between the higher gears on a single push of the appropriate button, or skips a gear.

I'm wondering if the shifter cable has stretched a little, throwing off the indexing. Should a simple counterclockwise adjustment of the barrel adjuster where the cable comes out of the microshifter tighten things up and help my issue, or are more substantial adjustments required.

Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like your high limit is out of adjustment. Put the chain on big crank and smallest cog. Adjust the H screw on the derailleur until it stays on the smallest cog. Small adjustments. Easier to do on a bike stand because you need to be turning the pedals a lot.

Or any bike shop can do it in 2 minutes.