Derestricting Sduro Trekking 9.0


The US 9.0 apparently has 18T whereas the EU version is 20T. 18T is good for climbing but is stretching it a bit to get past 28mph. 18T equates to 45T and 20T equates to 50T.

If you dongle you might want to up the gearing to 20 or 22T. If you have steep hills beware of the climb ratio though. The EU 20T version has a 1st gear climb ratio of 1:1.09 which is isn't fabulous for really steep hills. I started to struggle at 22% grade on this bike with 20T. It all depends on how fit you are.
Thank you and to those with info on the speedbox and badass box. I’ll look into those and a new sprocket.

Deacon Blues

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I've done a fair amount of research into speed de-restrictors, including the ones mentioned in the above posts and it seems that on the Bosch gen 4 motors, which powers my ebike, it's not if the dreaded error 504 will show up, but when. Interestingly, the riders who have had the best luck with their installed de-restrictor are the ones who have kept their top speed cut-off set at 35kph.
I would like to put one of these de-restrictors on my ebike, but I think I'll wait until my Bosch motor warranty runs out.