Desperately need to fix my bike

Max Mangold

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My bike has a brand newcontroller and throttle and batteries are load testing as good as new however the bike does go but the hubs motor is kinda loud and it seems to reach half what should be top speed and then that's all the faster it goes barely enough to keep the bike upright... it's a Walmart Yukon trail navigator lead acid battery bike...someone please give me some direction. I Have no idea where the proper place to post this is so I am trying a third time


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There are three elements to an ebike. Motor, controller, and battery. Maybe four elements, if you count wiring. Since battery/controller are known good, that leaves motor/wiring.

Same controller or a different from original? Usually mixing up the wires to the motor leaves it unable to run at all, but there's a slim possibility that you have the bad wiring case where the motor runs weak and makes noise. Some controllers also have speed limiters determined by an external jumper, and on a 24V system, having that enabled would make it very slow indeed.

With power off, the wheel should spin easy in forward direction, and if you turn it backwards, you should feel the gears turning smooth. Short of finding someone with the same motor for a test/swap, there's not much more I can think of for trouble shooting, if you used the same controller model.


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Check your phase wires, if they are swapped around that doesn't help. Your new controller automatically adjust to phase?, did you check what you have against what you had, if your old one was 60 degree and the new one is 120 degree you will get the same symptoms you are describing. The hall sensors may be bad but more likely the phase wires or the motor, especially making that noise, a magnet may have shook loose.