Diagnosing your Turbo bike

Michael Hennessey

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With this post I just want to help people who have these bikes and are currently experiencing problems, to decide if diagnosing the bike will make any difference for what they pretend to solve.

I strongly recommend to have this done by a dealer. My current location and dealer's lack of support/interest in the matter left me with little choice and I had to do this by myself. I do still believe that anyone that has purchased this bike, has the right of deciding to do this themselves (in the same way you can upgrade and configure your mobile phone's software, right? Is yours in the end). The software has a GUI, quite intuitive. It's easier to operate the software, than changing the lights settings of your LCD screen, for example. You don't need to be a programmer or a nuclear physicist to do this (don't even understand about bikes).

The process of diagnosing the bike, does not necessarily has to affect the bike's operation, you could diagnose your bike, just for getting useful information, for example, the battery's current cycles or firwmare's version among others.


- Diagnosis Toool for Turbo S bikes (as this tool has the Quick Release interface, it should work with any Turbo bike). I do not know if this tool will work on future models. Even though 2017 models have the same connector as the older Turbo bikes, I have never had the chance to test in on a Turbo Vado bike, for example.

- Diagnosis software (Battery Management System (BMS)). Good luck in finding this one unless you have access to this site: http://service.specialized.com

- Windows PC with Windows Vista or 7. I never had the chance to test it on Windows 10 or even MacOS.



Among others, the most important ones here are the maximun speed assistance, and current odometer reading.


Here the screen after changing some of the settings



Useful information of your current's bike situation. As most important, here you can tell your current firmware and charge cycles, among other current settings of your bike.



This screen is not much of a use if you're not upgrading the firmware yourself. Take into account that for upgrading current firmware, you will need extra codes given by specialized. These codes act as a sort of password before doing the upgrade as a measure of security. You will need the right password for the right version of software and firmware you want to upgrade.



- Take screenshots of all the readings you see on screen (and/or export the data to a CSV file) when the tool starts reading information from the battery/bike. This will save you some problems if by any chance you loose your previous settings (it will happen if you dare to upgrade your firmware) or you did something wrong. You can put some values back, as the odometer, wheel circumference, etc.

- Save the logs before and after doing the unlock or changing anything. This could give you extra info of your bike readings and could be useful to diagnose problems.

- Upgrading the firmware by yourself is not recommended at all. If something goes wrong, you risk yourself to brick the battery in the process and get it out of the warranty.


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I'm looking for the diag software for my turbo x.
Around me I cant get a good dealer.
Any help?