Diamondback selling off their ebikes


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Thank you Ann.
I actually had my first contact at the store WITH the manager (as we understood it at least) with Wayne. He also told us it was HE who convinced the powers that be, that eBike were the future DUE to people like myself. Old & disabled:-( I was just stopping by for a minute to see if they even carried eBikes since we had no money to even consider buying one and was just curious. But when you walk in the door, there they were lined up, all 5 models right at the ftront of the entryway and you had to go around them to enter the store.

I am SO disabled I am not even able to stand without use of a walker or holding onto Trekking Poles which is what I had with me at the time. I also am unable to bend after 6 spine fusions AND a Mastectomy (yes I AM a male too so I know that is weird as well) so I was not able to look the bike over really well. I did see all the dirt, dust from sitting for probably weeks or months however and assumed it would be at least wiped down during PDI.

What occurred was, we went home and 4 hours later after thinking and agonizing decided to buy it on payment when we called back and were told they DID offer 6 month financing if qualified. So we went back and this time I had armed myself with key questions on a written pad and sadly bought it even though I swore I would NOT if I got the wrong answers. When told they had NOBODY who knew ANYTHING about the Currie components PERIOD (and he was VERY adamant about this!), I know I should have simply walks since as I understand it at least, eBike DO require a lot of maintenance and specialized repair? But I wanted an eBike SO bad and knew it would be over a year or more to save & afford a Pedigo brand that we planned on for an eBike ONLY local shop that is one of the best EVER eBike pioneers in Carlsbad that get rave reviews everywhere and even rents them etc. The owner there is amazing and had schooled us on what to look out for like 14 gauge spokes being too wimpy etc on this type of bike. And that was my flag #2, MY new bike does have those wimpy 12 gauge spokes....

Long story short, at age 66, having just survived 4 major surgeries in 5 months, lost 60 pounds in 2 months, facing more surgeries with a very scary prognosis, time is of "the essence" and we bought NOW, in case there is no option for later. The saddest part was the person my wife called after we got home with this bike apologized profusely on the phone and told her it was HE who blew it on cleaning the bike and prepping it and he also by the way when we were about to leave, had o idea how to even use the key & remove the battery! Anyway, he promised to call the next day about getting me the fuse, NEVER DID.Because of my disabilities THEY brought the bike to my wife's pick up truck and put it in the be. When we got it home and I helped my wife pull it out I noticed right off the tires were BOTH flat! HOW could they not notice that when pushing it a half block to our truck????

I fully expect to be begging my knowledgeable Pedigo dealer in Carlsbad to service my DiamondBack when needed and hope to Heaven he will after I bought somewhere else? I would rather just pay someone I know has the smarts and skill, reputation as being honest and who DOES the work, that to even try dealing with warranty with incompetents like I bought this bike from. While I sadly find my selling store incompetent and beyond useless, too uncaring and lazy to even call me back on a missing fuse to allow me to even USE this bike, it is a bike I love once able to use it. My wife went to an auto parts store and bought me some fuses so I could try it. I was utterly stunned at how much fun it is to ride this type of bike. After having spent 15 months of surgery and recovery, physical therapy and now facing more? Well THIS (if it is at all reliable, which I hear may not be?), well, it just makes all I have been through and am facing, at least bearable. I cleaned up the bike & waxed it while sitting on my walker and have now ridden it 3 times. It hurts my back a LOT, but I put a bigger seat on it with gel padding and springs and it helped a LOT so maybe all will be well for awhile now. :)

PS, Is there any way that I can correct my user name? I also see I had the Caps key on when I created my user name. Gotta love pain meds....
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Hi all, I really apologize I didn't log back into this blog for over a month, I see that I forgot to give a lot of details on the pricing I mentioned.

Someone did give the correct information the site is http://dbcorp.diamondback.com and all bikes not just DBack's eBikes are greatly reduced. It is just that $1199 for the Trace EXC is really reduced off the REI price (last I checked it was $2499. The bikes are still there if you know someone with a DBack corporate access (or the corporate discount site- "Passport Unlimited" which is how I got in).

I saw this blog has morphed into an owner's blog for the Trace so for what it is worth I'll throw in my 2 cents. I've owned the Trace EXC now for 2 months; I've put 800 miles on it. Unfortunately I'm having a lot of trouble with the cadence sensor which makes the pedal assist go out. I've tried Currie's trouble shooting guide and sent it to a service provider on their website; unfortunately that process has taken 2 weeks and I just got the bike back today. We'll see how the pedal assist works, the shop recommended putting spark plug grease in the cadence sensor connector near the bottom bracket.

Otherwise the bike is very zippy as others have mentioned. My range isn't has far as I had hoped and I bought a second battery to improve the distance/speed. I have a 21 mile commute and I can do it on one battery at the lowest setting; with 2 batteries I can power up for 75% of the ride. This bike was a proof of principle bike for me to see if I could commute regularly with it and it has almost proven it. It isn't a bad deal at $1199, $1499 or even $2499; but I may go to a more reliable eBike (or upgrade my electronics) for the future.

Sorry for not including the link before and sorry that the site is not open to the general public

Bill R

Bill, I bit the bullet and bought the Trace EXC. It's a great bike. Haven't ridden it a lot yet. Which Topeak rack did you buy? There is one made for mountain bikes with disk brakes

and this one

Thanks for your help...

I got the Rack without the disk break modification as it was wider than the disk brake model at bottom

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@pAPPY , I'm a bit confused; you must have been working with someone new to have that kind of experience at Performance. Not all of their shops can handle the ebike servicing; however, a number of them do with techs that have gone to the LEVA ebike mechanic training. Maybe call back and ask for the bike dept. manager and ask for more specific help, they need to hear about your experience. Kinda surprised that you didn't inspect the bike before the purchase and asked for it to be prepped before taking home--certainly they would have done that!

No, I have to agree with Pappy. I purchased the DB Trace EXC at my local PB shop in Towson, MD after months of research and they had to look it up online to see if they even sold that bike, and after talking to about 8 employees none of them even knew that they sold ebikes. PB is better out of the ebike world as they have invested no money or time on employee training in these products. It's a shame with the distribution network that they have in place, and that the ebikes sell for,3 to 4 5imes or more than regular bikes, plus the money that can be made on service. NP as REI will gladly take over this market and PB will be left catching up and trying to regain market share. They had the market cornered with the DB ebikes, but have settled on some lower quality , crap in my opinion, ebikes to take thier place. At least I have over $400 in store credits after buying my DB ebike from PB so they deal with that. Let them keep,concentrating on selling Huffys at $150 each, and let REI be the industry leader. PB has truly no idea of advanced marketing or forecasting. As a sales manager and avide ebike rider ,I could double or triple the sales of ebikes at PB over the next 5 to 10 years but they seem to have no interest in perusing this course. Best of luck to PB as REI will now dominate this market, and it is only in ìts infancy.


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Trace EXC is on sale right now at REI for 2123.95$ If anyone is still interested. It's a nice bike, but for the price, I think the e-joe Koda is a better deal. I don't know though.

Steve Ryu

We had a couple of DB's and they're great bikes and sold quick so we've ordered some more. The Lindau is a chance for the folks who loved the 2014 Path Plus frames to still get one and the Trace is a good cousin to the IZIP Dash, nevertheless, both are worth a test drive especially if you're looking to get a competitive eBike for a lower price. @Pappy have you considered getting a thudbuster or better yet a BodyFloat seatpost to soften up the ride?


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We are returning to Upstate SC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns from Madison, WI where my wife and I bought two Lindaus for under $2,500. The reason we chose the DB from the 200 bikes in the showroom is because it has a 500W motor versus most other bikes he had that were 350W. We live in a development that is EXTREMELY hilly so the extra power of the 500W motor was a big plus.

Ann M.

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You got that right, @JFrattinger! Better to have extra power up front and not need it than to hit those hills and feel disappointed. Glad you got them at a good price, too; that always helps. The larger motor has two advantages, it can do your hills and it will not overload or overheat as readily as a smaller motor could.

Please load some pics of where you ride and your ebikes, we always enjoy seeing the scenery :).