Did I blow the controller?


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I have a very new 1000w BBsHD E-Rad installed on a Motorbecane Night Train Fattie build up by my local e-bike shop. Today I noticed I have a new problem and was hoping for some online advice/troubleshooting. Last time I rode it they was not a problem - other than a nice endo crash - but it rode me home unscathed.

My problem: This AM my motor is not getting any power. The console and my headlights are fine. So I assume the battery is fine. I detached my ebike cut offs so they should not be the problem. Everything powers up but there is nothing from the motor with PAS or throttle. I suspect I blew something. Controller?

More Info: last night I disconnected the battery and I was taking off the battery mounting bracket at the water bottle mounts. I wanted to hide the battery and mount inside a triangle frame pack to be stealthy and keep crud off my battery. The water bottle mounting screw sits right between the metal connectors that attach to the battery (they are the 4 prongs that look like a fork). When the screw or the screw driver touched the prongs they was a spark. It was unexpected as I had taken off the battery. Nothing smoked or turned black and when I attached the battery the console light up and the headlights powered up just fine. I do not think that I checked to see if the motor had an issue at that point. I have checked all the connections and they seem fine.

Does this seem like the controller is fried?
I can't seem to fine a BBsHD controller for sale...I see 750w controller but not the 1000w.
I will bring in the bike to the ebike shop but it is not convenient...
I was hoping they was some easy thing like a fuse in the bracket or something....I don't think so.

Why the heck would they be a spark? I suspect I am supposed to ground my self or dissipate any lingering electricity. I am not sure how to do that...But why put the screw hole right between the prongs!

Perhaps this can serve to help someone else who is contemplating something similar...

Thanks for any help!


P.S. Thankful I also have a bike with a 750w that I can ride for now. But man, I have only had a chance to ride that fat bike twice before this!


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I don't have that motor, I have a BMC geared hub..

Pull the leads to the motor, and measure the voltage when you turn the throttle. If it doesnt show any voltage, you could have a controller problem.

Call the vendor who you bought it from and and describe the problem. It should be under warranty.


Atticus21, your setup is what I am dreaming about getting. What happened is nightmare . Hard to believe the system would be that sensitive to a static spark, maybe the capacitors held residual charge. Please keep us posted on how this turns out, I am on the edge of my seat waiting.


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I took the bike in to Bend Electric Bikes. They built it for me. WE looked at it together, It certainly seems that the motor is not getting the juice. The owner was surprised that the electric discharge could fry it. He said he'd talk with Lectric Cycles about it on Monday.

Thanks for the reply JoePah. I did seem to find a way to pull the lead to the motor as everything is insulated. Perhaps I lack the skill...

Jim123, I only got 2 rides in....It was great. My only complaint is that the tire on the Night Train was so tight to the rim that I could not change a flat without cutting the edge of the tire. I tried for 90 minutes to get the tire of the rim...It was crazy. I also have a Specialized Fuze 27.5 Plus with a 750w. It is a hoot as well. Unfortunately I get a lot of flats....Too fast on a heavy bike I guess. I went tubeless on the 27.5 Plus but the rear would not seal well enough to make it stress free... I slimed a tube an so far so good.

I'll keep you up to date.



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I had a real terrible time removing a tire from my radrover. Went to a shop and they said before I bring it in, just make sure the opposite bead is in the middle of the rim where the rim is closer to the center of the tire. Went out to the car to try it and it popped right off.


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Update: I spoke with Chris Head of Lectric Cycles and Sterling of Bend Electric Bikes. They agree I blew the controller. The moral of the story is to disconnect the leads to the motor before messing with the mounting screws. It sounds like there are capacitors in the motor that hold enough charge to spark but usually do not cause harm. However in my my case it blew the control.


Chris is mailing Bend Electric Bikes a new controller under warranty. They should have it this week and Sterling will get me installed soon.

Thank you to Chris and Sterling for setting me up. I appreciate their attention and service.

Thanks all