Did the bike shop that mounted my D-series kit mess up its programming?


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Hello all-
I just bought the D-series kit for a Montague Paratrooper. The shop that mounted the kit "adjusted" the programming, supposedly to improve hill-climbing performance. The rear wheel does not spin freely as Court's demo did in the video review- mine spins without cogging for about 2-3 seconds before resistance comes on very strong, accompanied by a rotational noise that sounds like the tire is rubbing against something significant. This is annoying while riding. It takes a few seconds for the sensors to detect that torque is needed, and then power is applied all at once.
Is this typical or did the shop mess in a bad way with the computer? What can I do to make the application of power more smooth? I am not near the shop I bought it from in CA, as I am attending graduate school in NM. I don't know who I could trust in this area to take it to.