Difference between 2019 Full Seven LT 3.0 and non-LT?


During last years (2019) model clearance picked up a LT ($2499) but also saw the non-LT ($2199).

I read that LT stands for Long Travel, but not really sure what that means.

Can someone explain the differences between the LT and non-LT Haibikes?



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I have a FullSeven LT 9.0. LT does stand for long travel. My suspension has 150mm of travel, front and back, whereas the standard version of the bike has of 120mm travel. ”Travel“ is the maximum vertical compression of the fork (in front), and shock (in back).

More travel is better for rougher conditions, and shorter travel is sometimes preferred for flatter “cross-country” conditions. As you move from “trail bikes” and “cross-country” bikes, to Downhill and Enduro, travel increases. Usually from 100mm to 200mm or more.
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