Difference between two EVO 29er models?


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What is the difference between the EV765 and the EV726?

I see that the weight is slightly different, but it looks like the same bike with the same battery and motor?


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EV726 looks to be the 2016 Euro 25km/h 250W "standard" 29er version. Then there's the 29er Pro version with slightly upgraded components.

EV765 is the 2015 Euro 29er. This is what I have, though my fork was an XC32 air fork with 15mm thru-axle.

Edit: and the EV765 is 36V, while the 2016 ones are both 48V. Which begs the question, can one put in a Nitro 29er wheel to get 28mph.
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Ok, I see that they sell 3 different batteries for the 29er...so looks like there is a battery difference between the
2015 "normal" 29er and the 2016 "normal" 29er. The last battery is for the 2016 29er
Evo 29  battery.JPG
Evo 29 ev726 battery.JPG
Evo 29 pro battery.JPG