Different results Mission Control-where to start


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Yada, yada, yada, LBS 'supposed" to configure prior to delivery, but do they? What are the "known" OEM out of the box settings for stock products? How to validate the correct parameters are configured? Only LBS can modify or why is it happening?
What am I referencing?
My wife, Como 5.0
Me, Vado 5.0
Basically identical bikes for all intents and purposes, but....
I'm continuing to get variations of results of ride info from Mission Control, which one is correct? How to assure they are consistently equal? Which one is wrong? Why?
Pictures say it all.



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Same phones, same location settings, app permissions and same position on the bikes? That is all GPS data and I don't think your LBS or Specialized has anything to do with it. It's not unusual on group rides for everyone to have different distance and elevation numbers on their Wahoo, Garmin etc. Most are close but there are always a few outliers in the group especially if they use GPS settings for elevation or distance.

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I have learned to ignore the e-bike provided distance data, as there typically is a mismatch between the firmware Wheel Circumference value set in the e-bike and the actual WhC.

The ride stats are important to me. For quite a long time now I've relied on my Wahoo bike GPS computers. Even if the Wahoo/Garmin bike computer takes the ride information from a Specialized e-bike, it is possible to fine tune the Wheel Circumference in the Wahoo (or Garmin) app without asking anyone for help. Since I started relying on Wahoo Roam or Bolt v2, my reported ride distances in Strava perfectly match the values that Strava can calculate for you based on your ride map.

Just saying.

P.S. A good example. My 45 km/h Vado 5.0 has the WhC value of 2300 mm set in the firmware. This value is read-only specifically for that e-bike, and even the LBS is unable to change it (because of Type Approval for that e-bike). MC reads the WhC as 2255 mm as the proper value for 29x2" Electrak tyres. However, the MC value is not used; it is the 2300 mm that is used, giving too high reported bike speed and distance ridden. I wrote the 2255 mm into my Wahoos and get proper ride data any time.
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