Dilemma of style

Steve Smith

New Member
Hi, I am buying an E-bike for the first time. I want to be able to commute about 5 miles to work, carrying my teaching materials. I am 64, my weight is about 225 and am 6ft. Here is my dilemma, cruiser or commuter style bike? I have narrowed to iZip Zuma large diamond frame or the Diamondback Landau (or iZip Path+) large, step-through. My regular bikes have all been 700c and I like being high, but I like the balance of the low battery on the Zuma, also. Any suggestions?

Ann M.

Well-Known Member
Congrats on choosing to ebike commute! Have you had a chance to test ride any of the bikes you mention? They're all great choices with the IZip Path+ already tricked out with a nice rack and fenders. The others are easy to add those accessories to and the IZip Zuma is a really comfy riding bike with a nice sense of balance. If you haven't already done so, check out the EBR reviews on the 3 bikes. You mention riding road style 700c bikes, so the Path+ and the Lindau both have the larger, narrower wheel profile. The rear rack battery on both of those ebikes is not a huge addition of weight--you need to ride each and then think about which you would be drawn to hop on at any time. There are a lot of bikes you could choose, it's equally important to have the support of a local shop for maintenance & service. Send pics when you get your ebike!