Dillenger Off-Road Rear Hub Drive Kit


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I installed the current "Off-Road" (28mph) rear hub drive kit in December 2020. Everything installed easily and everything with the kit works well. The cost at the time for the kit was $729. It has the 13ah 52/48v battery, and 52v charger. The kit comes with add-on brake controllers for using existing brake levers. The kit is 500w nominal and 1000w peak. In the 3-months I've owned the kit it's worked well. There are a bit over 300 miles on the bike since the build.

I purchased a 9-speed freewheel from Dillenger at the same time as the kit. My donor bike had a cassette and the Dillenger kit requires a threaded Freewheel. The $35 freewheel appears fine but the highest (smallest) gear skips 100% of the time under riding load. Not hard load, just any riding load. I tried to get Dillenger to send me a replacement freewheel but without sending them a video of the problem they will not consider a replacement. I've explained that the problem only exists while riding - not on a stand - and I can't make a video while I'm pedaling. So, even though it is a $30 part they will not consider a replacement.

I've ordered a new Sunrace 9-speed freewheel so that I can see if this fixes the issue.

By the way, I did have the derailleur hanger checked, the derailleur adjusted and a new chain installed. And so far two bike shops have said it's the freewheel and can't be fixed.

So, working with them has been a mixed bag. Good kit. Good Price. Works well. But customer service really lacking.

PS. My donor bike is a 2018 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc that I purchased new in 2018. It has 9x2 Shimano Aliveo long-through derailluer, micro-shifters, 700c wheels (29"), a Suntour front fork (only 60mm of compression) and Tectro Vella Hydraulic disc brakes.


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