Directory of Dealers/Service Providers?


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Hi all,
New to the electric bike scene, although I've been using an Evo-1000 electric scooter for my 2-mile work commute for the past 18 months. I live in Austin TX, which I understand is a good place to be for all things e-bike. Is there any sort of directory or listing of dealer and servicing locations? I am looking into buying an e-bike, but since it will be my primary mode of transportation, it's crucial that I be able to get it serviced quickly and conveniently. Dealer proximity will be a huge factor in my decision, since I have arthritis issues and depend heavily on my transportation. I have had some dealings with Electric Avenue scooters in getting my Evo-1000 repaired, so I am familiar with those folks. Any additional info or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Ann M.

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Hello Jess, Alien Scooters & E-Bikes has been servicing electric scooters & ebikes for 14 years in the Austin and Central Tx. area. Our service is specialized for electrics and prices reasonable! Depending upon what brand of electric bike you choose, we service Currie Tech's IZip product and many other brands and sell X-treme and ProdecoTech electric bikes. You've met the folks at Electric Avenue; there's also Rocket Electrics on Riverside Dr. and REI may also sell an ebike or two; however, you would need to check with that location to see if they actually have a bike technician specifically trained in electric bikes. Our shop does some pick ups and deliveries in Austin if our Hwy 290E (10 minutes east of Austin) is inconvenient. Feel free to PM me for more info. We've worked on a number of Evo scooters as well! Welcome to Austin!


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That's a great idea Jess! A US map with "pins" for locations of recommended E friendly/good bike shops so others could find them readily and see possible places to test ride. Click the pin to go to the bikes website.
I have NO idea how to make that web page, but it's a GREAT idea!!!


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Perhaps EBR could set up such a directory on the site and even charge a little for each dealer listing to help cover the costs of the website. I can imagine most ebike dealers would want to be on that list or map.