display malfunction


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I have a 2020 Rize Leisure. After charging the battery, I installed it on the bike and when I turned on the display, it showed 0 % charge and went blank. After removing the battery and checking the charge on the battery display, (lights, it showed a full charge) I replaced the battery and it kept happening for about 6 tries. Finally, the display showed 100% and stayed on. I then turned it off and back on about 10 times and it worked each time and stayed on for the duration of a 2 hour ride. Has this happened to anyone else?


In my experience, The display had two battery voltage systems, 36V & 48V, the 36V system battery full charged will be about 42-43V, and it comes into the range of 48V system, the low power voltage of 48V system is 42-43V, so the display is convert its voltage system to 48V, and it shows Low. when you used the battery and make the voltage lower, it comes back to the 36V system, so the shows Full again. That is the reason I think.