Display screen upgrade/compatibility? ( Radio Flyer M880 )


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The bike uses a 48v pack, the screen has a 6-pin connector. The motor controller is a Lishui ( www.lsdzs.com ) 'Product number': LSW110-175E CL2107087320. 500W hub-motor of unknown design.

The screen is way too bright at night-time and makes it hard to see/focus ahead. The battery bar meter used to work as a pretty accurate fuel gauge but for some reason stopped being accurate ( was showing 4/5 bars , motor lost power and a voltage measurement suggested pack was heavily discharged , at 40 volts ).

How generic are the screens for e-bikes, if I find something that uses a 6 pin connector is it likely to be fully compatible with the motor controller? I'm really wanting something with good screen brightness ( either it's perfect brightness, adaptive to lighting conditions, or adjustable brightness ) and can convey ACCURATE state-of-charge information ( just a plain voltage reading isn't what I want, I want an accurate percentage reading ).

Let me know what you think, or if you have any product suggestions, thanks.


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They are NOT generic. Think the exact opposite of generic. Generally the display and controller are updated as a pair. Replacing one side or the other with a different brand not a good plan....