Distance on one charge Vado SL

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
Well, I had an epiphany: I can't change the bike, but I could change my thinking. Now, the Vado SL ad says, "You only faster." What I was looking for had been me, at the same speed, but using less effort. So, I decided to be me, only faster. I ride about half the time in boost now, and half the time in turbo, sailing along at 20 MPH and loving it. I use the boost, or mid level assist at night, because at 76, I don't see well at night and feel more comfortable at a slower speed. To my surprise, I find riding at 20 MPH more comfortable and more exhilarating .
I like the spirit! Exactly, that is the best you could do in your position.
You can get to the ODO as Over50 said, you can customise the TCD as well, or connect to the bike with Mission Control, and the mileage is under "Diagnose".


On the Rad City,, I pedaled comfortably at the lowest power level (one of five) on flat. The display showed that in level one, I used about 70 watts, according to the display. The motor is about 750 watts and is a hub motor. That means that, riding comfortably, at about 13 MPH, I was using about 10% of the total output of the motor. Any, by the way, on a few short hills, I used level 2, or when I was in a hurry. I never found 3, 4, or 5, necessary. Now, on the SL, to pedal comfortably at 13 MPH, I used 7)% of the engine capacity, which would be a about 210 watts. This does not seem like genius to me. And, I would probably get the advertised miles per charge if I strained with 30% assist and pedaled at 11 MPH. This is not buyers remorse; this is not full disclosure by Specialized.
I don't need to go up stairs with my bike. I have no choice but to live with the SL, but hey, it's a first world problem. I accept that I will have to work harder to get more "mileage." I put this out as a warning to perspective buyers, especially old dudes like me.
Everyone always asks me, "what will it do without peddling". You don't get nothing for free that is of value. Peddling is good for you as well. Rad Rover ST works well for me. At 24 miles my booty is ready for a rest, anyways.