DIY Nero Rear Rack Storage Container


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Hello fellow Espin owners ~

I finally got around to making this post on a DIY storage container I made for my Nero. Prior to this project, I had been shopping around for panniers and bicycle bags on Amazon and could never find one that checked all of the boxes. I wanted something that I could keep on the bike without it being too bulky or cumbersome, was highly durable, fit the look of the bike, and wouldn't break the bank. I ended up seeing this cheap $8 toolbox at Home Depot and thought it would fit the bill perfectly.

- 4 3/8"x3/4" Bolts
- 4 3/8"x3/4" Nuts
- 4 Metal Washers
- 4 Rubber Washers *(Optional but recommended to reduce a small amount of added vibration noise)
- Drill (To make hole in the toolbox for bolts)
- Screw Driver
- Sharpie

I've had this installed for a couple of months now and no issues with it coming loose or anything breaking. It is not a huge amount of storage, I wouldn't count on it for grocery shopping, but perfect for fitting a couple jackets, lunch, water bottles, phones, ect. I have also added a picture of a different sized toolbox found at Home Depot by the same company, I don't see why that box wouldn't work as well if more storage capacity is desired. I really enjoy the latch mechanism compared to a zipper, as its a lot less flimsy. The hard plastic design also makes it easy to clean when needed. The size of this box fits so well, it looks like it was made for the bike! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to add accessories to their Nero bike.

Note: It should also be mentioned this could probably work for other bicycles and racks (with built in holes), just be mindful that the bolt and nut sizes should be changed according to the rack specifications.


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Like what you did. Here is another take. I used a milk crate and re-usable twist ties...UST Gear Snake

I can remove it in a couple minutes if I want.....

I want to find a larger milk crate. I have room for one that is longer....

I have really enjoyed using the Nero as a cargo bike, hauling groceries......


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I ride a lot of Pennsylvania State Forest roads and spend all day there. So I take a lot of gear with me including a spare battery. Here is my rig, it may be a little overkill but it works for me.

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