DIY Type Ebike Battery, 3 year test

George S.

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An exemplary ebike battery performance

Basic specs: a 36v 15AH LiFePo4 (pouch cells)

Vendor: Sun branded, sold by top.pathfinder (Ebay)

Price: $320

Shipped: June 2015 (from China by sea)

In Service: August 2015 (800 Watt Ebikes)

Approximate cycles: 300

Test Date: October 23, 2018

Original Capacity as Sold in June 2015: 540 watt hours

Capacity as tested 40 months later: 502 watt hours (not to cutoff)

Capacity as a percent of ‘new’: 93%



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This is consistent with li-ion batteries generally, i.e., 1000 charges takes you to 80% capacity.