Do any of you have fenders on your turbo


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Hi guys, this is my first post but I've been on this site reading forums and watching reviews for a few months now. Last week I bought a 2015 Turbo X (I got a killer deal), I like the rack/fender kit that specialized sells I just don't like the price, and I think it's only the rear fender in that kit. Do any of you have fenders that you'd recommend?

Douglas Ruby

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Both the Specialized and 3rd party fenders work on the base Turbo and Turbo S, don't know about the Turbo X. See Ron Bez's photos here. I purchased the factory kit with the light integrated into the rear rack. Works fine. The rack is a "Racktime" rack with integrated tail light. The taillight wires first into a reflector that contains capacitors that maintain the light for about a minute or two after shutoff. This is because it was designed to be used with a dynamo on non-electric bikes.