Do any of you use a service-stand when cleaning/ servicing your Stromer-bikes ?


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View attachment 7866 Easy to use Parktool workstand ;):)
Looks great, Marcel :)

I see you have removed the battery & hold the batterydoor closed with a band of some sort ?
You connect the stand to the seatpin. I cold also do that, but I would then first have to move the seat upwards, as my seat-spring shorten the distance down to the frame. So I prefer fastening the stand to the top frame-tube.
It looks like you got the PRS 25; a higher grade model than mine. I guess yours is lighter and more compact. Looks great :)
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Thx:) the prs-25 is expensive but it's a light metal and easy to use.
the band is what you called in english i think velcro... in dutch it's called klitteband;)


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I got a Park PRS-3-2.2 and made my own base for it (steel from local steel supply at 1/2" x 25" x 22"). To make it mobile and yet secure, I opted for an HTC-2000 adjustable mobile base capable of moving equipment up to 500#. The kick levers lower one side of the base to the ground and then raise the side enough for the swivel casters to roll again.



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Nice set up. We use this stand as well in our shop when get crazy busy and run out of lifts. It does the job nicely. We did find that some of the bolts did come loose with repeated opening and closing. We took all of them out and added a drop of loctite blue and have had no issues since.

Be careful with the seatpost mount as the bike is heavy and if the seatpost slips out (yeap, it happened to us a few years back) can be expensive on an ST2S or scratch that beautiful bike. Try using the seatpost tube to mounts instead.

Enjoy you bike, it's an really fun bike to ride!