Do I need a PHD to change a tire, or just a little advice?

I had similar problem with the bonty tyres that came on my allant+ 8. Like otehr shere, I got it off by putting rim down flat (on padded ground) and standing on tyre either side. It came off eventually. Couldnt believe how hard it was, gfirts time I'd had a problem removing a tyre in 50 years.
My tube did not have a flat from an object, but it was worn from rubbing/scuffing against the rim. I replaced both tires and noticed that the tube on the front ( or tire holding air) was worn in a few spots from rubbing against the rim and would have had a hole in the near future. I will try baby powder on the tube and replacing the rim tape with a better quality product.


Sorry to respond to this older thread, but I finally had to fix my first flat with the Allant+ 7s and ran into this same problem. I've fixed hundreds of flats in my life and never had so much trouble with getting a tire off the rim as I did with this one.

Once I figured out that the source of the problem was the wire bead stuck on the rim all the way around the wheel, the solution was quite simple. I simply pushed the wire bead toward the center of the rim around the whole wheel before trying to get my tire levers under the wire bead. Once it was completely unstuck from the edge of the rim the job was as simple as it usually is and the tire came right off.

Thanks to this thread for pointing this out to me!


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My second rear flat on my Allant+7 but my first attempt to remove/repair. My rear SCHWALBE G-One has 1100 miles and went flat this afternoon after about 10 miles. Decided it was time for me to fix since it’s been a couple of decades since I fixed one. Had a bear of a time getting the tire bead loose but used the rubber cushioned grips to leverage the bead loose.
Found a very tiny hole in the tube from a tiny glass shard that went right through one of the Schwalbe’s nubs. I used the Park Tool patch kit and will report back on how it worked. But before I do that... you folks think I should use this tire again? I can still see what looks like a few little glimmers of glass in the tire cut.


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So I took the tire & repaired tube to my LBS just to get a second opinion and he was sure it all looked fine. Threw it back together and put 11+ miles on it yesterday. Would’ve gone farther but still waiting for a complete melt!


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I recently talked to a Trek bike mechanic and mentioned how hard it was to get the tire off. I explained that I bought some motorcycle tire levers and used a clamp to push the tire off of the bead. He said they use a Park tire seating tool, but the clamp idea will work. He did mention that it was hard to remove the tire and they also use the heavier duty tire levers as needed.