Do those Fork-Mounted bike racks damage the fork-ends?

Hey gang -

I'm looking at getting a product like the Kuat Dirtbag for my thru axle eMTB (not a carbon fork), because in my experience the fork mounted products hold the bike much more securely than the racks that go over the wheels.

I realize that these products are designed for lighter bikes than our heavier eBikes.

Do you think that these fork mounted racks will do any damage to the fork-ends on our heavy eBikes, as the bike sways laterally in the wind, and gets hit with all the bumps/potholes in the road? Or is this not a concern?
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Yes some (carbon) forks have really soft thru axle mounts and have been "ovalized" by continuous wear.

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The fork ends have to deal with the same forces when you ride the bike, so if you tighten it properly, I can't see how wind or bumps you can damage the fork ends.