Do you use a mirror on your Interceptor?


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I want to buy a mirror for my Interceptor, and of course I will try some in a store.
I just thought that I would ask y'all.



Deacon Blues

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I have a mirrcycle on my Ridgerider and a I even have a small bar-end mirror on my road bike. I wouldn't ride without one.
We have a few different kinds, though our biggest seller is the Mirrycle. Make sure you get the one that fits into the end of the grip (remove the round plug). If you look on the back of the package, it still calls itself the Mountain Mirrycle in smaller print.

Blue Monkey

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Mirrycles are our favorite mirrors but we have found the Axiom Fast Flash works well on Interceptor and Cruiser handlbars as you can mount it farther up the bar and closer to the display. The bar end mounted Mirrycle can be too far back on the swooped cruiser style handlebars.

Ann M.

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Great observation, @Blue Monkey; mind adding a link to one and a pic. That would help everyone who might be interested. Also, welcome to the EBR Family- I'm assuming from your avatar that Blue Monkey is your shop? Please post a little about yourself and shop in our new member section (including how you came up with the shop name :D)