Do you use mirror with your Turbo Vado?

Stefan Mikes

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It is not only the mirror is mandatory on EU S-Pedelecs, it is very handy for your own safety on the road. Good Specialized provides a quality mirror with Turbo Vado 5 and 6, and there are even two different supports for it in the box. The dealer mounted the mirror below the handlebar for me, as per the User Manual. It was weird for me; regardless how I tried to adjust the mirror I couldn't see anything in it and it is bad to look down when you need to focus on what's in front of you on the road.

So I used the second support (I guess it is intended for left-side riding like in the UK) and was able to put the mirror above the handlebar. Some adjustments (the mirror is intentionally tight fitted but you can turn it left or right) and I feel now as if I were in the cockpit of my car.

Your experiences?

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Marci jo

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Mirrors are great on a bike. Just as important as when driving.

I use Mirrcycle mirrors, which mount on the end of the handlebars. Very stable and great view. I didn’t like the mirror that came with the Vado, regifted it to another cyclist.


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I can't imagine biking now without my mirror.
I find myself, occasionally, inadvertently glancing downward to my left (where the mirror would be) -- but while I'm WALKING and about to pass another pedestrian...!


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I had a similar mirror in the past. Pity it is necessary to cut the end of the handlebar grip prior to mounting the mirror into the handlebar tube.
Ergo grips have a plastic internal tube - I drilled the end with a 1/2" bit.

Easily folds in for storage or transport. It's polycarbonate with a glass lense, brass nutzerts for the fasteners. It will break before it flips you off the bike. But plenty durable for normal going. Visibility is really good.

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