Do your local authorities provide incentives to buy an e-bike?


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Greetings from Switzerland,

I’m looking to buy an e-bike and, in the process of doing so, I’ve discovered that many Swiss towns and cities offer a subsidy. The amount which is subsidised varies depending on where you live, but typically ranges from 300 to 400 Swiss francs (roughly 340 to 450 US$). In certain localities the subsidy is expressed as a percentage. For example, in the town of Montreux they subsidise 20% of the bike’s cost - up to a maximum of 1000 Swiss francs (~ 1100 US$).

So I’m really curious to know if the country, state, or town where you reside offers a subsidy (or some other sort of incentive to buy an ebike), and if the incentive seems attractive to you.


P.S. Great forum. The reviews are really useful.