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Hello everyone, I just got a dodgy looking email from someone by the name of ”cosplayguru” saying ”sorry to bother you but we met on the EBR forums”. As far as I can remember I have never chatted with anyone going by that name. I have checked to see if there is any member going by that name and there isn’t. Anyway they went on to say that they have two famous e-bike brands they want reviewed and if interested I can keep them. First of all I am not a reviewer and secondly I’m certainly not so dumb as to respond to such an obvious scam. So I just thought I would let everyone one know and ask have any of you received the same kind of message?


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rich c

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I'd give them the address of a nearby UPS store for delivery, and no personal info. Then see what happens.


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Thanks for the heads up. I would just block them. Scammers want it to be obviously a scam. I know that sounds odd. It is because this automatically weeds out all the intelligent people off the top, leaving behind the gold they are after, suckers. The bikes that they will "send" for your review would likely just require an advanced payment for processing and shipping. If they send anything it may even be to scale.


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I got an email about a month ago from a hacked acct. It was my son's old girlfriend's father! He needed my help to get $300 Google Play store gift cards for her birthday.

I started out by saying the last time we saw her she was rude and wasn't deserving $300 for a gift. He didn't bite on that.
Then I told him my son says she would rather have $300 in Cheese Cake Factory gift cards.

He got mad and said just get Google gift cards and send me pictures of the back of them with the code.
So I said I did but it would be a couple days until the film got developed so I could send him the pictures!
He had no idea what I was talking about!🤣
After literally three days of phising him he gave up!
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