Does anyone come to this part of the forum?

Captain Slow

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There are more and more lightweight road ebikes now, but there is hardly any traffic in this sub of the forum.

Who actually comes here? I participated in a thread quite a while back but so little traffic I haven't been to this part of the forum in months. If you regularly come to this part of the forum please post to this thread. I'd like to post a thread here but thinking no one will see it, so this is a test.

Tars Tarkas

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if you can get to this screen and click on the "New Posts" button to the right of "What's new" (just above the "1 2 3 4 Next" buttons) you'll see the latest posts on all subforums. Much easier than going to each sub forum. I think that's what most people do. I do, anyway, so I saw your post even though I have limited interest in Light Weight bikes.