Does the forum have functionality for user groups?


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Hi @Court or others. Dumb question here perhaps but does the forum currently have functionality for User Groups? For instance if I want to ask a question of @TrekAllant9.9sOwners (just for example) is there a user group I can create and we can join? If not, I'd suggest a process where we submit a user group creation request to the site admins - or be able to create one ourselves - and then once the user group is created, forum users can join if interested or applicable. Sometimes I want to ask a question about one of my bikes to existing owners and I can't always recall who those owners are or maybe I just recall a couple of them. If I don't call them out in the post with the @ symbol then a wider, knowledgeable audience may never see my question. Just a few off-the-top-of-my-head examples of user groups I might be interested in: @Bosch_Cobi, @Bosch_Kiox, @TrekAllant9.9s, @SpecializedVadoSL ... I know we can post threads in subforums but there is still a chance that some folks might not see a post or question from a user vs if we have the @ functionality to notify an entire user list. Thanks

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@Court Could you turn on the tags related functions? The forum has enough to really need some grouping for search too. 🤔