Does the Radwagon fit in bus racks?

Chris P

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I am looking at getting a Radwagon, and I can't find if they fit in bus bike racks. Specifically the King county metro and sound transit busses in Seattle.

Barkme Wolf

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NO>>>> Radwagon and Radrover both too heavy and long. I can't even take my Radwagon on the Amtrak, too heavy. It is a real disadvantage. It is fairly easy to look up the rack specs for Metro. Having said that, I can't wait until the weather gets better so can start riding to work again.
I can confirm what @Barkme Wolf said, the RadWagon is a few inches too long for the bus racks in Seattle. When I take the Seattle light rail I use the RadCity since cargo bikes are not allowed, but I have found that to be a nice mix; I use the RadCity for longer urban commutes, going to airport, going to vendors 10-15 miles away, and I use the RadWagon for running about town on errands, giving friends rides, etc.

Chris P

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So it looks like they don't fit on transit, but I brought home the Radwagon and RadRover on a Thule T2 pro hitch bike rack and it worked great! The wagon was a bit long, but it felt very secure. Too bad about the busses and Amtrak though.


No. Wagon is too long and too heavy for Metro bus racks (55 lb limit). Rad city is the only bike Rad sells that should work on bus racks out of the shoot (if you take the battery off it's under 55lbs). Rad Mini would likely work if you were to buy narrower tires on it (3 inch wide tires are the max for Metro Racks). If you were using the Mini primarily for city riding, then I guess I could imagine putting narrower tires on it with smoother tread. Might also need to take the battery off to get the weight under 55lbs.