A question for Dave from Dost. I am interested in ordering second battery when I order bike but not keen on giving up the water bottle holder location. Have you considered a bottle holder that can click into where the 2nd battery mounting hardware. In that way most of the time I would just use that spot for water bottle but in off chance I want to go with second battery I would only need to snap out bottle cage mount off battery mount and snap in battery. Thoughts or is this already in the works in future version?

Hi Keith, sorry for the late reply... great question, the plan is to have additional water bottle mounts on the seat tube so you can have both the extra battery and a water bottle attached at the same time, or two warer bottles if no extra battery. This mount would work for a folding lock (i.e. ABUS) carrier as well. Cheers, Dave


Some comments on my short ride on the Dost ebike:

The Good
-this is a good looking bike, with a very good fit and finish.

-the bike feels very stable. Very easy to ride and quite agile.

-it has tons of power. The speed limiter was not in place and pedaling hard I was able to hit 48kph on a flat section.
In the top (5) power range I had no problem cruising along at 40kph, with just normal pedaling. If I bought this bike I'd also buy the extra battery, because it's so easy to ride this bike at faster speeds.

The Not So Good.
-each and every time I stopped pedaling I could hear and actually feel a clunk coming from the motor. I'd be interested to know if this was normal for Bafang mid-drives or if it was a single issue with this bike. This is the first ebike I've ridden with a Bafang mid-drive.

-Dost has to do something with that wiring harness that runs underneath the motor. It looks like crap. How hard would it be to come up with a plastic cover that bolts on to the motor case?

Overall, my wife and I both like this bike and it's on her short list.
Hi Deacon, glad to hear that overall you enjoyed riding the Drop and you got to meet Sam at the office. The clunk is not normal, I'm not sure what might cause that. I've got a ton of miles on several Bafang mid-drives (I commute 365 days a year) and this is new to me. I will say that because of the cadence-sensing design, when the bike is in PAS 5 (max torque, max current) the motor does produce sound as it goes from off (zero torque) to on (max. torque). Also, thanks for you continued participation here at EBR, all these comments serve to help us improve our designs year on year. Dave


But do they have any in stock yet?
Hi Scout, Bardown is correct, both the Kope and Drop models are due to arrive end of May beginning of June. We've just had confimation from our factory that they will meet this delivery date. Thanks, Dave