Domane+ HP

I want a Domane+ HP, and I see on Trek’s website that they offer any paint scheme you can “dream” of. Most of their road bikes are available in Amethyst/Brushed Chrome, but Domane+ HP is not. I asked a couple LBS about this and one said it is because that is not one of the project one “team colors” this year and the other said it is because the paint has not been designed yet for the bike, and that takes many more man-hours to do and Trek has not done that yet. Both answers seem vague and I haven’t spoken to anyone yet that seems to have competent knowledge about this bike yet.

One quoted 1 month for custom paint job and the other said 3-4 months, does this sound reasonable??

I also asked if the bike could be customized to come with eTap and he just showed me the website and how there was only one option (GRX). Why do they boast their customizability yet not extend that to all their bikes?

Does anyone else have experience with custom paint and/or “Project One” customization through Trek?



There's a huge lead time for bikes in general right now. Usually Project One takes around a month I've heard. Maybe less if it's one of the more basic paint options. If you want a paint option that's NOT offered, then it's possible just costs a lot, lot more. When I asked about Project One they told me that only certain parts get approved for a bike model, so that's why you can't get everything under the sun. But if your dealer is willing maybe they can arrange some deal to swap parts out after the bike arrives?